Brexit Ready Preparations

ITQuotes in tandem with our Vendor and Distribution partners has continued with our preparations for a potential no deal exit. We would like to assure customers that everything is being done to make the transition as seamless as possible with little to no impact on product pricing or delivery schedules.

Customer Orders

Most vendor orders are fulfilled from the inventory held in the UK by our UK&I distribution partners. Goods in stock in the UK, ordered by 4pm (cut-off) will usually ship the same day and be delivered next day to ITQuotes/end user. Our distribution partners are working with freight forwarders to keep this route effective post Brexit.

Changes will occur upstream from our end so that our end users are unaffected by issues such as importation, paperwork and administration.

Potential Delays

Whilst it is widely recognised that there will be delays at Channel ports and those heading to Ireland, ITQuotes is working with our major distribution partners to mitigate such delays. We have been assured that new routes of delivery are being created. Our distribution partners are working to increase warehouse capacity in UK&I and planning with each supplier – we trust that we can avoid any material delays. Please engage early with your Account manager if projects are scheduled close to 31st December to ensure stock is held and ready for delivery and there are no delays.


Almost 100% of IT products and components currently have no tariffs/duty under the UK General Tariff and the EU Common External Tariff. Vendors are not anticipating any price changes due to tariffs. These tariffs could change in the months ahead, and we will keep customers informed of any tariff introductions as soon as we can.

Our vendors are putting contingencies in place for alternate routes from Europe to Ireland for stock in the event of any tariffs or delays at ports in the unlikely event that they are required.

Goods shipping from ITQuotes to UK customers will ship as normal with UK VAT rates and not be subject to any additional tariffs than when ordering in the UK.


Our main distribution partners have progressed its discussions and application to have a bonded warehouse within the UK. This will allow goods to remain in Europe within the confines of UK facilities and effectively be imported into the UK at point of order by UK customers whilst allowing European customers/orders to be transacted speedily.

International Shipping

ITQuotes are already experts in shipping worldwide – Paperwork, tariffs and regulations can all be handled by the ITQuotes team.

If you have any specific concerns, please reach out to your ITQuotes Account Manager and we will do our best to address them.

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